Currently an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, I study Computer Science, with an unofficial concentration (read: intense interest) in computer graphics, game development, and all things visual and interactive in technology. I work on a lot of passion projects related to this (as well as unrelated) — please visit my portfolio for more details.

I feel strongly about wielding technology to the ends of meaningful visual experiences, and empathic, social good. I hope to challenge myself to care equally about what I create, and who I am creating for. Thus, I ask myself:

  • "Who is this product benefiting?";
  • "Does it unneedingly resort to techno-solutionism?";
  • "Does it only serve to exponentiate power? — within malignant aggregates of such power?";
  • "Or does it increase the survivability, livability, and operability, of what could use it most?"
  • I grew to love technology when I learned to fuse it with empathy; there exists no distillable, algorithmic methodology that could better guide my learning.

    My affinity for finding 'beauty' in technology comes from my love for the visual arts. I've been a hobbyist for as long as I can remember. This past year, I've focused almost entirely on digital art, but I'm still fond of oil paint and charcoal as traditional mediums.